We are one tonight and we’re singing it out

I’ve been watching and listening to this Switchfoot video today for the first time in a while: “We Are One Tonight”

This is still one of my favourite videos of all time. Used to use it in Film Studies classes for teaching editing. It provided a good opportunity to bring an element of spiritual reflection into a secular subject. 

I am struck today not just by the visual humour + skill, but also by the lyrics and how they speak to me during this strange time:

"We built these cities to stand so tall
We've lost our walls...

We are one tonight
And we're singing it out
And the world is flawed
But these scars will heal

I don't want to fight about it now
With the whole world upside-down

Please slow down
The stars are coming out..."

Blessings to you all. 🙏


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