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Lazarus + Jesus - a story

While I was on retreat over half-term (during the last week of May) in a Benedictine monastery in the south-east of France I decided to try and rework a short story that I had written whilst on retreat the previous year… In the end I completely re-wrote it and am much happier with the results, but I can’t say that I’m fully responsible for it. The words seemed to just come straight out without any effort, which is very unlike me. I often struggle to write song lyrics when I find myself with a nice musical idea. Anyway, I’m sharing it on here...
Lazarus + Jesus "How he loves us..."
Jesus wept... and still weeps for us... but he also shares our joy, just as he did with Martha, Mary...
... and Lazarus. What a party that must have been!

***** There was no sign of a break in Lazarus' fever. It was now over a week since he had fallen unwell. For much of that time he had been unable to eat and was constantly retching, even though when he did nothing came. All he could do was try…

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