Athlete: "Black Swan Song" - 10 years on

10 years ago, David Pott, the father of Joel Pott (former lead-singer/songwriter of the band Athlete), found my blog article on Athlete's song "Black Swan Song" and he wrote to me offering R.E. resources relating to the song + Remembrance Day. It was released to raise money for the British Legion and was written in honour of the lead singer's grandfather, a veteran of the Battle of Arnhem. I still listen to this wonderful, moving song on a regular basis. It's become an all-time favourite of mine.

The video refers to Joel's grandfather's real-life story of surviving a near-fatal wound during the Battle of Arnhem. While lying on the ground, thinking he was going to die, he wrote a letter to his wife back home. He was eventually found, brought back to a medical facility and survived to tell the tale, as did his letter. The difference is that in the video the character representing him dies. This and the lyrics make reference to the fact that the song was written and recorded following his actual death in his 80s.


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