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SFX Staff Bulletin - Chaplain’s Page (03/06/19)“Oh Lord, it’s hard to be humble when you’re perfect in every way!” (Mac Davis, 1980)A few of you will be old enough (sorry!) to remember this comedy song. For those who aren’t, here it is:As you may have guessed, the assembly and form period theme for the week after half-term is Humility. It’s a term that in the Christian context generally gets contrasted with the sin of pride. But, personally, I like the interpretation that refers back to the word’s etymology and the latin “humus” or earth. Someone who is humble is someone who is grounded, down to earth. One of my favourite Catholic folk hymns from the 1980s quotes in paraphrase form the Old Testament prophet Micah (chapter 6, verse 8) on this topic:“This is what Yahweh asks of you, only this, That you act justly, that you love tenderly, That you walk humbly with your God.”  Walking humbly with God, one’s feet “on the ground”... This makes me think of an image that I often come back to …

Vocation Sunday

Today is Vocation Sunday. May we each hear the voice of God in our hearts, calling us to follow him in a way that is unique to each individual: our personal path to “life in all its fullness”.
And may the Lord grant to religious orders and dioceses fresh vocations to the religious life and the priesthood, so that we might continue to make Jesus Christ "better known and loved" (Jean-Marie De La Mennais).