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Happy New Year!! + some musical research

Best wishes to you all for a fulfilling, grace-filled 2019!! As my friends will know, I'm someone who likes to share with others the things that move me, that touch me in some way, the things I'm passionate about, that open me up to the presence of God in my life and the lives of others, be they films, pieces of classical music, worship songs, photographs, etc... I also like to use the school holidays to catch up on classical music research of the kind that we can do nowadays, thanks to the internet, music streaming services, etc..., comparing recordings of the same piece. Among the pieces that I have been researching during the past few days are the following pieces that are among my all-time favourites:
- Howells' Requiem
- Ravel's Piano Concerto in G (the slow mvt.)
- Bruckner's 8th Symphony
- Mahler's 5th Symphony
- Tallis' hymn "Why fum'th in fight the gentiles spite" (which provided the inspiration for Vaughan Williams' heavenly Fantasia …