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Anti-Bullying resources

This is the first of a series of resources that I shared with our form teachers this on the theme of "Anti-Bullying: The Power For Good". It’s an excellent NSPCC Online Bullying clip with lots of very good advice for young people.The following image shows four simple steps to help stop any kind of bullying that you witness. The example given is for Islamophobia, but it would work for other types too. This fitted in with the secondary aspect of our assembly theme of a couple of weeks ago: "The Power for Good”.

“The Shores of Normandy” by Jim Radford

This song had me in tears the first time I saw the Youtube video of Jim Radford, youngest participant at the D-Day Landings, singing it at the 70th anniversary service commemorating the D-Day landings in July 2014. He wrote the words to the tune of the folk song Raglan Road on his first return to the Normandy beaches fifteen years after the end of the war. I’ve now learned it for it to go in my own repertoire, but it would only be a poor imitation of the wonderful Mr. Radford. Here’s a second version (again BBC) with his voice a little clearer.

Shores of Normandy by Jim Radford
In the cold grey light of the sixth of June, in the year of forty-four,
The Empire Larch sailed out from Poole to join with thousands more.
The largest fleet the world had seen, we sailed in close array,
And we set our course for Normandy at the dawning of the day.

There was not one man in all our crew but knew what lay in store,
For we had waited for that day through five long years of war.
We knew that many w…