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Togo 2012 - Day 7

So, back to the Togo trip....
On day 7 we finally managed to get organised the much-anticipated, extensively hyped, full 11-a-side match with the older children of La Pierre du Pauvre orphanage. The latter team wore Liverpool tops that 2 of our Scouse members had brought down with them (Paddy was most certainly not one of them!) and we wore a mixture of light coloured tops that were aslo amongst the many large bags of football tops that we had collected and brought with us to donate to the orphanage and 2 other places we visited once we returned to Lomé on the coast later in the trip. 
Quite a sizeable crowd gathered to watch an end-to-end spectacle of flowing, one-touch football ("yeah, right!" :-) that saw us run out 2-1 winners. Although some of the local boys certainly punched above their weight when it came to their energetic tackling, the match was played in a very good spirit.

Later that day, basking in the glory of our victory. 

Dave Edwards

Apologies about the delay in getting back to the articles about our Togo trip. It's been a rather stressful (to say the least) last few weeks. As well as my father passing away a month ago, a friend from my cycling club, Dave Edwards, was involved in an accident while riding in the same group as me on May 6th, coming off his bike very heavily and ending up in a coma. Tragically he never regained consciousness. Dave died last Sunday (May 20th).
Dave was a very likeable and popular member of the club and had kept himself incredibly fit. When we heard that he was 75 yrs. old none of us could believe it. That's him front right in the below photo (me on the left, next row behind) during a ride last July. He had been a club cyclist since his teens, riding to quite a high standard.
God love you and your family, Dave.