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3D Sun news: ISS Aurora Video

Untitled Document The footage contained in the video whose link is just below here is quite beautiful. It was taken from the International Space Station (ISS) in orbit around the Earth. It shows the nighttime city lights of the US below and in the distance the dancing green of an aurora ("Northern Lights") caused when particular magnetised particles from the Sun strike our atmosphere over the polar regions. Anyone who has seen the film "Local Hero" will know what I mean :-)
NASA Heliophysics News from 3D Sun iPhone appISS Aurora Video Story posted: Feb. 12 NASA has released a new set of videos from the International Space Station that officials call 'the most spectacular night imagery ever taken from space of the United States.' Large image

The Oscars - an alternative perspective

There are a couple of film critics in particular who constantly provide me with challenging, interesting critiques of films on release... and who happen to be Christians. One is, of course, Mark Kermode of BBC Radio 5 Live's Film Review show (a Methodist), who presides the show in tandem with straight man-foil and award-winning DJ in his own right, Simon Mayo. The other is Jeffrey Overstreet, American film critic, journalist and author (both of film-related books and fantasy novels). 
The latter recently posted on his website an article of Oscar Predictions, but not in the sense of actually predicting the winning films. He presents in a very clear-minded fashion the extent to which the Oscars can be and are influenced by non-artistic factors. He began as follows:
******** Based on my experience of watching and reading about the Academy Awards in past years, here are my Oscar predictions… BEST PICTURE
Of the nine nominees, the Academy will give the Best Picture award to the movie  tha…

... and a metaphorical pat on the back

It has been very nice to learn in the past 24 hours that many parents in fact do appreciate greatly the work that I do and have written to me to say so. Their kindness is truly much appreciated.

As St. Julian of Norwich said, "All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well." The following article (click here) sheds light on these words, on the life and writing of St. Julian and on the sentiments expressed in the quote.

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A metaphorical slap in the face...

You know how sometimes you put 200% effort into something and all some people can do is carp + criticise + question your judgement no matter what you do, no matter how hard you try...

I suppose days like today are good for the soul... teaching humility. Fortunately, the majority opinion was that the criticism was totally unfounded.

All in all, not good for the stress levels + skin rashes. And all this served as a distraction to the job in hand: a full day of final rehearsals for our school play (first performance tomorrow), for which I am sound + music co-ordinator, with a team of 4 pupil technicians.

Oh well, chin up, look ahead, move on... but dear Lord, just make sure that days like today don't happen TOO often please. I really couldn't cope if they did!