Senegal 2010 - Day 6 (Easter Monday)

(The second article I've posted today, in case you didn't see the first one below)

Well, this was the day we begun our work with the local primary school children (though we had continued to have evening football matches with older boys since our arrival). We headed for the school ready for a 9a.m. start to activities. What we had not bargained for was the fact that many of the Catholic families had had late Sunday night Easter meals/parties which went on until the early hours. The school where we are staying and working is a Catholic school and although many non-Catholics have since got involved in activities with us, the bulk of those that (at least initially) we were hoping to work with are pupils at the Brothers' school. So when none had turned up by 9.30a.m. we started to worry. We kept ourselves amused by having a little knock around with some cricket gear that a Southampton pupil had donated to us to take to Senegal. Though there are some competent cricketers in the group, it was up to myself and especially Bro. Francis (cricketer extraordinaire who played high level amateur club cricket into his 60s) to show how it is really done!!

A flamboyant slash through the covers from Bro. "Bradman" Francis.

Frère Jean-Yves then offered to drive me around the neighbourhood to call in on the local Catholics (looking out for pigs in the street as a sign of nearby Catholics, most of the other people there being Muslim!) and remind them about the activities at the school. Indeed many of the children were only just getting up.

Jean-Yves with one of his primary school teachers.

The teacher's daughter.

We managed to get 9 children on the back seats of Jean-Yves' car!! In the end about another 30 or so turned up by 10.30a.m.

Activities on the first day (morning 2hrs30, afternoon 2hrs + obligatory end of day football) included arts + crafts (cardboard crowns), a variety of different small + large group ball games (using football, tennis balls, a beach ball-sized volleyball), frisbee games, dancing (to such things as "I Am A Music Man", "Macarena", etc...), etc...
Our first activity: making crowns, getting the children to put their names on them.

Jacob getting to know Fabrice, a 6th former who brought his English books with him and is very keen to improve his English.

Mason + young friend.

Having a go at the Macarena. They were to get more into our dance numbers as the days went on.

Jack in discomfort having accidentally chewed on part of a banana skin.

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