Day 9 - July 17th

Day 9 was another full day of activities with the local children. We all started to feel much more relaxed and comfortable with them I think today. Getting a ghetto blaster out (the one we brought here) with our mp3 players providing playlists helped to enliven the atmosphere, got us all dancing and provided a lively accompaniment to the sports and games in the morning. These included beach ball games, mini tennis, small group football drills, gymnastics, etc...

Andy R. running a football game

Awards for the most appropriate songs go to:

Here Comes The Sun (The Beatles)
Rain Down (Delirious)
Africa (Toto)

Award for the best dance routine goes to:

Sarah S., Simon T., Sophie N. + John E. aka SaSiSoJo for Let's Get It Started (Black Eyed Peas)

SaSiSoJo going through their paces (by the way, I made the name up! :-)

In the afternoon we had a large, tightly contested game of football (mixed teams, 8-6 the score) on the half of the full pitch that the children had managed to cut. Andy R. fell and aggravated a rib injury he got from the previous day and was in a bit of pain later in the evening. Come the next day, following treatment from Nurse Sophie (!), he was as right as rain.

Francis exchanging e-mail addresses.


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