God's consolation


Trust in the Lord.


Keep smiling, keep singing, keep dancing, keep the faith.

For my fellow school Chaplains, teachers, all those involved in education in Britain and N. Ireland. Today is a day unlike any other we have experienced or will (hopefully) ever experience again. Our students, especially those in Yr. 6, Yr. 11 and Yr. 13, will be feeling a complex mixture of emotions and many will be upset at not having the chance to properly celebrate the end of this particular educational cycle. They are going to need our ongoing support and prayers over these coming weeks and months through whatever communication/distance learning system your school has in place (Google Drive/Classroom, for example). We need to also support and lift up each other. Keep in regular contact, share the good stuff, but also find those with whom you can share the bad stuff, because we are all going to need to offload at some point. Be there for others as you would want them to be there for you. I have a gut feeling that in the midst of all that is happening right now, the seeds of somet…

"My Lighthouse" - Rend Collective (cover version)

Thanks to Rend Collective for this brilliant worship anthem which has become a favourite of our pupils here in Liverpool and in my religious order's young adults network (the De La Mennais Brothers).
May Jesus be the lighthouse who brings you safe to shore during these troubled times. Originally recorded yesterday for a dear friend currently in hospital after a road accident. I thought I'd also share it with the wider world as my little contribution to the light that we are all being called to share with each other.
I might record a few more "standards" from our school worship song repertoire if people think it would be worthwhile.

God, the strength of my heart


"A new commandment I give you: love one another..."


Wherever I lay my hat...

Wherever I lay my hat (or Irish tweed flat cap)... that's God's home where he invites me to stay a while and make it mine.
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Our Lady of Lourdes and Bro. Gregory Casey

Today is the Memorial of Our Lady of Lourdes.

One of my heroes, Bro. Gregory Casey ficp, a fellow De La Mennais Brother, worked tirelessly for 20+ years in #Lourdes to organise liturgies for English-language groups. He had a little office to the left of the Basilica where all received the same warm welcome: from youngsters to bishops.

This photo is of the 2 of us in 1986 while I was there with the #HCPT. Four years later, he came to my Noviciate in Ciboure (nr. St. Jean-de-Luz, 2 hrs. drive from Lourdes) for the opening Mass of my Noviciate year.

Our Novice Master then took our group for frequent weekends to Lourdes (about 8 all told) over the rest of the Noviciate year, knowing that I had someone there from my home country who could act as a mentor for me. “Grogs” would get me singing in the underground Basilica choir for the International Masses, saying the Rosary at the microphone for the outdoor processions, etc...

There are things he told me that have stuck with me ever since:

- …

The return to the womb

Another post in response to friend David Kralik (see his blog linked below):
That's a very interesting idea - the return to the womb + the cyclical nature of existence. Our annual 1 week retreat and termly recollection days perform a similar function. Sabbatical years also. In fact, Sundays themselves too. More + more I'm feeling the call to make my attitude during such times (a greater willingness to learn + to listen to God in my heart, allowing myself to be recreated) my default daily attitude in the world where I am, to live the womb experience in my place of mission. Daily recreation. It can be tough. Takes great humility + spiritual detachment. Clay in the potter's hands. Your blog also made me think of T. S. Eliot's "Little Gidding" esp. this passage in the last section:

"We shall not cease from exploration And the end of all our exploring  Will be to arrive where we…

All that is left is love

I recently wrote this in response to a Facebook post by friend David Kralik:
Faith and hope help us to keep our eyes lifted up to the heavens, even in the darkest of times, as we journey on to the source of all love. And when we meet Him face to face (God willing) those two companions on the journey withdraw, their work complete. All that is left, as you say, is love. 
The Beatles got it partially right... šŸ˜‰šŸŽø