La Vallée des Saints - remarkable site in Brittany

Here are some photos (in b&w and colour) taken Jan. 3rd on a visit to La Vallée des Saints between Guingamp and Morlaix in Brittany (France) with my good friend Frère Bob Léaustic. The name of the place is ironic, because the statues (over 100 of them, each representing a Celtic saint) are actually on a hillside, not in a valley. Quite a remarkable place. Although our order’s founder, Father Jean-Marie De La Mennais, hasn’t yet been proclaimed a Saint, those responsible for this outdoor exhibition are planning to install a statue of him sometime this year to mark our order’s 200th jubilee. 

Here are links to 2 photos albums I’ve uploaded to Flickr (colour + b&w):

Here’s the site’s official website:



Tony Grant said…
Hi James. Great pictures. The black and white pictures are more evocative than the colour pictures. Some Celtic influences. A little like Iron Age standing stones in some of them.

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