“God With Us” + "Maybe It’s Ok” - We Are Messengers

Last night, the school Worship Band (pupil lineup) performed with me a version of the We Are Messengers Christmas song from a couple of years ago “God With Us”. Our boys did a cracking job, (vocalist, 2 guitars, keyboard, bass guitar, drummer + percussionist) some of whom are not very experienced at performing in public. It’s a song that mixes the idea of Jesus being “God-with-us”/Emmanuel with the idea that we are called to recognise and depend on his presence at all times, and that Christmas is a reminder of this most reassuring of realities.

“He is with us always, in our joys and in our pain. In the lonely midnight keep looking up. Love has come, God with us."

The following is another great song by N. Irish band We Are Messengers (“Maybe It’s Ok”). This, their new single, was written in the aftermath of being involved in a fatal accident when their tour bus ploughed into the back of an unlit car that had broken down on an interstate road in Georgia, USA in Match 2017. The driver was killed and the tour bus went up in flames, the band being very lucky to escape with their lives.

"Maybe it's OK if I'm not ok, 'cause the one who holds the world is holding onto me."

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