“Chanter La Vie”, Brittany 2017

Last month, I took a Team Win...! (SFX Chaplaincy on tour) group of 5 Yr. 8 pupils on a 6 day "Chanter La Vie" adventure in Brittany, aided by Rolo (aka Andrew Rowan). The focal point of the trip was our performance of the song “Life Is Beautiful” by The Afters in a concert with our Canadian and French friends from Chanter La Vie/Villages Des Sources. Other activities included a visit to the Océanopolis Sea Park in Brest, a day out at Mont St. Michel and another at St. Malo, the latter two with the visiting Canadians.

Congratulations to the 5 Yr. 8 pupils who came. Thank you for being such a pleasure to take away. You were a real credit to yourselves and to the school. Here's a link to an online album with photos and a few video clips.

It looks like I’ll be taking a group to Canada in 2019!


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