Jack Dowding (1996-2016)

On Jan. 8th I heard of the death of a recent former pupil of mine from our school in Southampton, St. Mary’s College, where I taught for 4 years (2009-13): Jack Dowding. Jack had spent most of his life dealing with type 1 diabetes and it seems that complications related to this are what took him. Here’s what I posted on Facebook at the time, followed by some subsequent posts:

Jan. 8th
Tragic news today about the death of a former pupil of mine at St. Mary’s College, Southampton: Jack Dowding who passed away yesterday at the age of 20. Jack was one of life’s good guys, an effervescent little bundle of energy and enthusiasm whose infectious good humour always left you with a smile on your face.

Jack and his family are in our prayers, our thoughts, our hearts...

God love him + grant him eternal rest.

God love you Jack Dowding!!! Your applause started 30 secs early :-) Bet you enjoyed that goal!!

(Southampton scored in the 20th minute against Liverpool in the first leg of their League Cup semi-final. Southampton went on to go through to the final 2-0 on aggregate.)


Jan. 27th
I was at the funeral in Hedge End, Southampton yesterday of our former St. Mary's pupil, Jack Dowding, who had the 20th minute applause in his honour during the first leg... a very moving service, the coffin decked in Saints colours, and you can guess what one of the hymns was... #OHWHENTHESAINTS !!!!!!

He is certainly now "in that number" with the Saints in heaven.


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