2017 resolution

Trump, Brexit, terrorism + extremism… enough to get you worried about the year ahead.

But, what can we do?

Well, we can start by showing a little bit more love to those around us. We can show more gratitude for the good things in life (maybe even give a little hat tip in prayer to God) and we can bring a little light into the lives of those in darkness by our simple presence next to them, by our smiles, by little acts of kindness.

I think this video (which I’ve shared before) says it better than I can. The song is performed by children from around the world, some of whom have learning difficulties, one girl (the lead singer) is blind.

"Everybody's got to live together, all the people got to understand, so love your neighbour like you love your brother, come on and join the band..."

Love IS all we need… with a little peace, joy + understanding thrown in for good measure!

Let me resolve to making love a reality in 2017. That’s my resolution.

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