Haiti 2015 - update

Last full day of what's been a wonderful, at times breathtaking educational project trip to Haiti, a country rich in potential, where there is a starker contrast between rich and poor than I have seen anywhere else I the world. 

Wait till you see the photos (will post then at an airport tomorrow sometime) of the "Bassin Bleu" that we were taken to up in the mountains around La Vallée = a blue lagoon of crystal clear mountain water, complete with waterfall, rocks to dive + jump off... As good a potential "paradise island" tourist spot as anywhere in the world. Some of our group said it was the best place they've ever been to/best thing they've ever done. A fitting reward for all the effort they put into our week with the youngsters. Bro. Francis was actually interviewed there by American news reporters doing a feature on Haiti's potential as a US tourist destination.

Today we've a visit to a market for souvenirs and then an afternoon providing entertainment to children in an orphanage up in the mountains around Port-au-Prince.


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