Haïti Educational Project 2015 - Team Win on tour!!

Day 0 (travel to Paris) of two and a bit weeks in Haiti for 4 16-18 yr. olds + 3 De La Mennais Brothers, the first half of which will be spent running summer camp-style activities for primary school children in the capital Port-au-Prince, the rest spent visiting 3 other De La Mennais Brothers schools in the country. On the way there, a one night stopover in our community in Paris. Today's adventures included (for the more adventurousmussels in white wine and raw salmon (I can vouch for the 2nd being delicious!), Bro. James temporarily leaving behind his guitar in Paris airport (in shades of World Youth Day 2005, Germany... 10th anniversary?!) and Aaron coming second in the Team Win! International Rubik's Cube competition (modesty forbids me from saying who won ;-) For those wishing to follow our exploits on Facebook look up "Bro Jim Hayes". The content will be roughly the same as on here, though without individual comments on the photos.
Aaron celebrating his second place!    

Mussels... yum!
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