Haïti 2015 - Day 4 (24th)

On day 4 we decided to use a different strategy with the children and start with the team games (basketball, in particular) in a partly shaded playground area of the secondary school part of the campus, the idea being to then do the arts and crafts activities at the start of the afternoon... activities more conducive to good digestion and more suitable for the peak heat of the day. However, we did not count with the young Haitians pestering us to have another full size football match in the afternoon once the craft activities were finished (today paper aeroplanes). However, our young Scousers found this second match in 2 days much easier to cope with heat-wise, their bodies probably getting more used to the heat and humidity. Good use was then made of a tap, a hosepipe and a bucket to cool everyone down.

Having put together a Haiti 2015 playlist of upbeat songs to accompany our activities (requests coming from the team members during our pre-trip preparation meetings to supplement Team Win! standards such as Rain Down, Don't Stop Me Now, Waka Waka and Happy Song) certain songs have been on heavy rotation and look like early leaders in the race to make the tour film soundtrack: Cheerleader (Omi - with a hat tip to SFX teacher Mr. Trainor :-), Shake It Off (Taylor Swift - a Max dance special), Summer (Calvin Harris) and Shut Up And Dance (Walk The Moon).

"Messi", clearly an "alpha male" in the making complete with "Staff" t-shirt, demonstrating his whistle blowing technique.

The ever-popular elimination game of ball-through-the-legs.

Max's Shake It Off dance routine made him an instant hit!

Team Win! psyching themselves up pre-match, looking mean and moody... or maybe just very hot (we actually split up and went 2 on each side, Bro James joining whatever side started to lose, scoring a particularly eye-catching goal with a run from his own half, a one-two and a blast past the keeper! 'Ave it!!!!

Team Win! post-match having given themselves the bucket treatment, smiles of relief.

Bro. Jacques, again match referee, looking typically unflustered, very glad to be back in the country where he spent 3 years as a young Brother 40 years ago.

Coincidentally, the classroom we've been using in the primary school to store equipment and do some of the arts and crafts had a display of the Royal Family on the wall next to a picture of our Founder.

Max teaching his Shake It Off routine to the rest of the group.

Bro. Francis leading the way back to our accommodation at the end of another day of activities with our precious sports bag of balls, raquets and bats.

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