Haiti 2015 - Day 3 (23rd)

This was our first day of activities with the 25-30 or so primary school pupils aged 11-12 years who had been invited by Bro. Lamy (until this summer the Head of our primary school here in Delmas) to take part in our mini-camp. Our first impressions that day have been confirmed on the subsequent days: they are very polite, friendly and delighted that we have come to spend some time with them. There are also some real characters among them (Gabriel aka "Messi", Alex, Brian, Youri, "Donald Duck", etc...). They seemingly love all types of sport and take the matches of football and basketball VERY seriously. They have also got wholeheartedly involved in our arts and crafts activities and picked up our dance routines quickly and enthusiastically (YMCA, I Am A Music Man...).

Here are some photos from Thurs. 23rd's activities.



Before long our teens were being challenged to a sprint.

Max and "Messi"... when we played football in the afternoon he changed into a Barcelona kit with Messi's name on his back. Despite his best efforts his footballing skills were more "messy" than Messi!

Lunch in the cafeteria of the St. Louis de Gonzague primary and secondary schools. Rice is a staple of their diet and is generally part of the midday meal in most places. The meals we've had so far have nonetheless been varied and very tasty. No problem eating your fill, especially if we get the fresh mangoes to round things off.

Trust me, Aaron did get involved, but this first attempt at afternoon sport proved challenging to all of us given the extreme heat (37C) and humidity. However, by the second day our teens were coping with this much better. Many thanks to Bro. Jacques for his offer to referee.
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