Joyless apostles?

In this very interesting article on the BBC website Adrian Chiles says "Spiritually, if I'm to really "connect" at Mass, I need a good priest to help me. And by good I mean, first and foremost, that they should look pleased to be there and pleased that we're there. Often they speak of great "joy" while looking as bored as swimming pool attendants."

I think that the same has to be said of all religious (and teachers too). As religious we should be people who firstly know that joy that comes from a deep personal relationship with Jesus and secondly are not afraid to let that joy radiate from us to others. We need that passion that fills the hearts of those who have something that they cannot help but want to share with others.

On this day of Pentecost, I pray for all clergy, religious, RE teachers and catechists, that the JOY of the GOSPEL may penetrate our hearts ever more deeply and that following the example of Pope Francis we may be faithful apostles of Christ as much by who we are and how we live as by what we say.

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