Social media explained

For anyone who has struggled to get their head round the purpose of social media... this one's for you, although a certain amount of insider knowledge is of course needed to decode the left-hand icons! So for those who have not yet set out into the brave new world of web 2.0 communication, here's the list of icons and the services they stand for:

1 = Twitter
2 = Facebook
3 = Linkdin
4 = Foursquare
5 = YouTube
6 = Instagram
7 = Pinterest
8 = Google+
9 =

If you are still wondering what the point of some of these services is, don't worry, you are probably better off as you are in your blissful ignorance... says someone who is a frequent user of about half these services :-) but mostly in relation to my apostolate with young people/young adults. That's my excuse!

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