"Captured" by The Digital Age + start of year school Masses.

"I've never felt more found, than when I'm lost in you.”

"Captured" by "The Digital Age" (i.e. 4/6ths of the now defunct David Crowder Band). Can't stop playing this today. Great video, great song. Got to do this with the Manics (staff band) at a school Mass methinks.

Talking of school Masses, it’s been great to get such a positive response from the pupils in the 4 year group Masses we’ve had so far since the start of term after 4 years away from St. Francis Xavier’s. A very prayerful atmosphere in each year group Mass with moments of fun + participation in Happy Song, etc… Using the digital projector for the words/responses/readings, etc… means much less rustling of sheets and I think greater attentiveness in general.

And it’s been great to rejoin my former band colleagues from the Manic Street Teachers. Singing + playing “ Rain Down” for the first time in 4 years the other week, it felt like I had never been away. We just need to get some pupils to join in with us. Hopefully that will happen by half-term.

I know that this style of Mass and worship in general is not to everyone’s liking, but getting such a positive response from so many pupils, most of whom do not attend regular parish Mass (though 99% are baptised Catholics) means that many of them have a positive experience of the Eucharist. As such, I believe that their hearts will be more open and welcoming to the graces God so desires to give them. Obviously, it also helps greatly that there are such wonderful priests willing to come in and celebrate for us - such as the amazing Fr. Peter Morgan today, an absolute legend of a man (he has done so much for so many years for the immigrant community in Toxteth. The Asylum Link project there is just awe-inspiring). I hope to be able to attend his charismatic prayer group in St. Anne’s Parish more regularly in the future.

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