"Don't let life randomly kick you into the adult you don't want to become." - Cmr. Hadfield + vocation

Canadian astronaut, musician and social media phenomenon Commander Chris Hadfield continues to inspire people around the globe now that he is back on Earth. Back in his home country of Canada, he is visiting schools, giving inspiring talks, etc... about his experiences. He is continuing to tweet images of our planet that he photographed while in orbit and that are among the most stunning images of the natural world that I have ever seen.

The below text is from an article that appeared on Linkdin a couple of weeks ago and for me it chimes with the whole question of vocation. When you sense in your heart that God is calling you to a particular way of life, you still need a certain single-mindedness, focus, determination and persistence to be able to respond to that call. God doesn't simply roll out a red carpet. We have to engage ourselves fully in what we do. It is only in this way that we will get the most out of whatever way of life we choose in response to God's promptings, both for others in terms of putting our gifts and talents at their service, and for ourselves in terms of happiness and fulfilment.

Many challenges may lie ahead and you have to be prepared for them, or at least learn from the pain that they may bring and come back stronger for the experience. I am convinced that you will be all the happier and more fulfilled for that.

Below the article is a wonderful cartoon that was drawn in tribute to Commander Hadfield, using things he said during his recent space mission.

..."Hadfield inspires me for a lot of reasons. One of them relates to the advice he gave earlier this year on Reddit: Keep following your heart and your biggest dreams, no matter how far away they might seem at times.
He of all people would know. At the age of nine, after seeing the Apollo moon landingon TV, Hadfield decided he wanted to become an astronaut. Then, unlike 99.99 percent of kids with the same dream, he made it happen.
It wasn’t easy. Hadfield faced huge obstacles along the way and a lot of seemingly dead ends. But whether he was cramming hard for his engineering degree in college, or intercepting Soviet bombers in Canadian airspace as a fighter pilot, he kept pushing toward his biggest goal. On the subject of dreaming big, Hadfield said on Reddit: “You may not get exactly where you thought you’d be, but you will be doing things that suit you in a profession you believe in.”
Ultimately, his career turned in the direction he dreamed. Hadfield’s next stint, as an exchange officer with the U.S. Navy in the ‘80s, led to a collaboration with NASA. Finally, in 1995, he made it up into orbit on his first official mission to the space station Mir. That led to his groundbreaking mission earlier this year aboard the International Space Center.
Hadfield suggests doing what excites and challenges you as much as you can, day by day. If you stick to that, eventually you will get to places and heights (literally, for him!) you only dreamed of.
I totally agree.


So it might be cliche, but if you still aren’t sure, I suggest you try out as many different activities as possible until you find the ones that really excite you. What’s the thing that makes time fly by and the world almost disappear around you while you’re doing it? Or put more simply, just do what you just freaking love to do! Then find out how far you can take that in your career and life. It worked for Commander Hadfield."
Why It’s Still Important to Follow Your Heart | LinkedIn:

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