Science + the sense of wonder

Prof. Brian Cox has the gift of being both sensible and level-headed whilst at the same time being passionate about communicating his own passion for nature/the universe, not unlike astronaut Chris Hadfield, with whom he also shares the lay man's open-mouthed sense of wonder at the splendour of it all and the ability to articulate that wonder in a way that helps others to share in it.

In these quotes from his new book + TV series he comes down quite clearly on Darwin's side, but is nonetheless measured and respectful in his attitude to religion + religious belief in relation to our understanding of the universe. Though Cox himself is not religious, in advocating the need for a sense of wonder when observing even as insignificant a thing as a blade of grass, he is advocating an attitude which I believe brings us closer to God in awe and wonder at the world he has made.

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