Towards resurrection - being + becoming

I’m sitting here this afternoon after having come back from the Good Friday celebration in our parish, for which I was asked to carry the cross during the Veneration of the Cross section. The Choir there is conducted by one of my old Maths teachers from nearly 30 yrs. ago so if I’m around over Easter I always join his Choir for the Triduum (as I am generally cycling with my club Sunday mornings I normally go to evening Mass in the Southampton parish where I grew up, or another neighbouring one, and so don’t normally sing with this Choir).
Never more than during these days of the Triduum am I struck by the idea of simultaneously living a reality that is both present in the here-and-now and yet is somehow still to come.
It’s the reality of a life standing before the empty tomb and it is the life of our everyday existence: a life torn by the reality of pain and suffering, but where the empty tomb acts as a sign of hope, that there is joy and peace waiting for us if we would but embrace it with open arms as it embraces us, participating here and now in the transforming power of Jesus’ resurrection, whilst also being called on a journey of transformation that will lead to the fulness of joy that comes in the moment when we finally see Him face to face.
Easter is that yearly reminder that we do not have to wait until the moment of our own death before we can participate in the resurrection as Easter people, sharing in the joy that stems from faith in God’s power to heal, to mend our broken lives and bring us into union with Him through his Son.
These thoughts started coming to me whilst watching the great new video from Tenth Avenue North for their latest single (“Worn”). It seems very appropriate for this inbetween time after the celebration of the Good Friday liturgy and before the rebirth celebrated in the Easter Vigil tomorrow night.
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