Togo 2012 - Day 9, Leaving Kara

After breakfast next door in the usual restaurant owned by the Sisters who run the centre where we were staying, we set off on our 9 hr trek back down to the south coast of Togo, but not before many of the youngsters from Foyer 1 and their accompanying adults came to say a final goodbye. Then we were on our way.

Going through the mountains south of Kara we came across even more overturned or broken down lorries than on the way up. We stopped for a photo opportunity at the "Faille d'Aledjo" (The Aledjo Fault): a quite spectacular passageway cut through the rock on the twisting mountain pass road to allow an easier flow of lorry traffic around a particularly tight bend.

Our faithful Nissan transport for the journey back down south.

Morale was maintained in our trusy Nissan bus through regular singalongs to tracks from the Togo 2012 Team Playlist (courtesy of DJ Christos + Sound Engineer Br. James) and supplies of sweets.

 Jack giving the eye.

Your average busy Togolese city street.

Yes, they are indeed people up there!

We were met by Frère François when we finally arrived back in Lomé. As for our first few days some would stay with him in the Brothers' community and the others in the Sisters' community about half a mile away during these final 4 days of the trip. Once we'd unpacked and sorted our rooms out it was off to supper together at a neighbourhood restaurant. As with the other places where we ate during the trip the food was delicious and very good value, with the possibility of varying the menu each day (rice, couscous, pasta, chips even.... with chicken, beef or fish). And for the over-18s some nice, cold African beer (soft drinks + water for the SMC teens).

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