Togo 2012 - Day 7 part 2

The morning football match proved to be just the first of many memorable experiences on Day 7, the day of our final visit to Foyer 2 and the younger orphans out in the country.

The post-match wind down involved some therapeutic football top washing as we were giving most of these tops to the orphanage the following day at our farewell celebration...

... and some therapeutic card tower building by Eric.

After lunch we headed back to Foyer 2 in Bernard's lorry for a final round of activities with the youngsters.

"My name eez Hercule Poirot!"

Hand-print banners, one for the orphanage to keep...

... and one for us.

Faces that will stay long in our memories.

On the lorry heading back to Foyer 1... the older children who'd come with us for the afternoon led us in a raucous sing-song. They knew a certain number of songs in English, many of which were Christmas carols. It was at the same time amusing and moving to hear them joyfully sing those carols on what was actually Easter Saturday! More about the Easter Vigil later...

Notice the change of clothes... after a quick wash + supper back at base we headed to the local church for the Easter Vigil celebrations.

Some of the Team proudly wore their tailored African clothing.

It was SOOOO HOT!! Bottles of water an essential accessory. A few had to get some air outside, but those who stayed were treated to a 3hr liturgical extravaganza of amazing singing and dancing... by the whole congregation with which we joined in most enthusiastically


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