Togo 2012 - Day 10

On Day 10 Frère François gave us the opportunity to visit 2 different types of market in Lomé: first, a massive, sprawling market for the local Togolese people with narrow passageways between a riotous collection of multi-coloured stalls selling pretty much everything, from all types of food + drink to household goods, electrical equipment, clothing, etc... Secondly, a smaller tourist neighbourhood market designed to entice foreign clients such as ourselves into buying locally made souvenirs. Understandably, we spent more time at the latter. It gave the Team a chance to use up some of the spending money they had brought with get and buy souvenirs to take home.

I recommended to the group that they didn't go around taking photos in either market, as I didn't want them (+ their cameras) to be vulnerable to the local criminal element.

As well as to the markets, Fr. François took us on a drive around other areas of Lomé: the university complex, the government/administration neighbourhood, etc... finishing up at the beach where we had soft drinks at a bar, Paddy and a few of the others being regaled by memorably colourful stories from an English-speaking local who came and sat next to us. 

As the sun began its rapid journey below the horizon we went for a stroll along the beach... swimming strictly forbidden due to the very strong currents, a steep drop away from the shore and big, crashing Atlantic waves that come pounding onto the sand.

Eric striking a pose.

Fr. Michel, official Team cameraman (I'll be putting up a selection of his own photos once I finish my own blog journey through the trip)

Thanks to Paddy + Rolo for the use of some of their photos too in the last few articles.

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