Togo 2012 - photos

After last night's emotional farewell ceremony at the orphanage we set off at 9am this morning back to Lomé. The 9hr journey went without incident. On arrival we headed to a local restaurant for the evening meal with Frère François who has come up with a programme of activities for us during the next 4 days.

More about that another day...

For now, some photos from our days in Kara.

Day 1 (Sunday): Boys washing their own clothes??? (Eddie, Christos + JD) Wonders will never cease!! 

 A friendly neighbourhood gecko.

On our way to the orphanage for the welcome ceremony in our lorry "taxi" driven by faithful friend Bernard. The rain had already started to fall; a prelude to the heavy storm to come.

During the welcome ceremony at the Foyer La Pierre Du Pauvre.

Many more photos to come tomorrow. Will upload them during the night.

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