Togo 2012 - photos and Day 6

Day 5: A visit to the apprentice workshops run by the Foyer.

A typical Togolese iron.

Another orphanage in the town to which we were taken, founded by the Salesians: Foyer Don Bosco...

... and again, before we knew it we were challenged to a football match.

In the afternoon Bernard took us to a National Park, but on the way we stopped at a memorial to a plane crash in 1974 when the plane of President Eyadema of  Togo was sabotaged by some of his enemies, killing 3  of his bodyguards, though the President himself survived. The bulk of the wreckage was left where it crashed and a monument was constructed around it.

At the National Park.

Day 6: Waiting for the lorry at Foyer 1

Today we were invited by Thomas, the Deputy Director of the Foyer, to go up into the mountains surrounding Kara to visit the village where the Franciscan founder of the orphanage was born. It also happened to be Thomas' own home village. As usual, Bernard was on duty to drive us there. Some of the older Foyer children came too, inc. some who themselves have family in the village.

Anthony with neighbourhood children while we waited for the lorry. Rather than pestering us for money, or for our sunglasses or shoes (as does happen sometimes) these children, like those at the Foyer, simply wanted us to play with them. We were only too willing to oblige.

Now don't they look cool? Paddy kind of spoils it with his Everton shirt, but we'll forgive him... although Jack found it hard to forgive him for the "train game": " a good train is.... err.... a bad train is..." Infuriating, but great fun.

Heading up to the village.

A demonstration from the local blacksmith in the village.

Boys from the village gave us a demonstration of the wrestling matches that they train for from an early age and which provide their rite of initiation to adulthood once they reach 18. The lad in blue was from the Foyer and decided to join them for their post-combat dance.

Then we were called upon to nominate someone from OUR group to represent us in a combat!!! Paul, from the Foyer (aged 22), here seen carrying JD, nominated JD himself (Paul and some of the other older Foyer residents have become very good friends with our group). Fair play to JD. He rose to the challenge and according to Thomas came out on top in his combat. Well done, JD!!! Paul then gave him a victory lift.

Mary with some of the girls from the village.

The brother of the Foyer founder.

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