Fr. Maurice Zundel

Here's a quote that came to me via Facebook (in the original French) from one of my favourite spiritual writers, the Swiss priest Fr. Maurice Zundel (1887-1975). He was a good friend of Pope Paul VI and was invited by him to preach retreats at the Vatican. His books "Je est un autre" and "Je parlerai à ton coeur" have been a big influence on me and the expression of my own faith.

"If I could sum up my faith, I would do so as follows: I believe in the life of this "other" in me, I believe in the infinite risk taken by God, I believe in the fragility of God because, if there is indeed nothing stronger than love, there is also nothing more fragile." - a (translated) quote from one of my favourite spiritual writers, Fr. Maurice Zundel

The original text:

"Si je pouvais résumer toute ma foi, elle est vraiment là : je crois à cette vie d'un autre en moi, je crois au risque infini de Dieu, je crois à la tragédie éternelle de l'Amour crucifié, je crois à la fragilité de Dieu parce que, s'il n'y a rien de plus fort que l'amour, il n'y a rien de plus fragile"


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