Olympic Games selction! :-)

Some of you will have seen the following on my Facebook page, but I can't resist sending this out anyway… I'm so excited I could crush a grape (as the immortal Bobby Ball once said):

I'm in!!! Just heard that after the 18 months selection process I've been accepted as an Olympic Games Chaplain!! Place of work = the Sailing Village for all the Sailing events which take place at Weymouth, just down the coast from here. Sailing village = a cruise ship in Weymouth Harbour (heh, heh!!). 8 hr shifts every 24 hours for 3-4 weeks, i.e. including preparations before the start of the Games. Yee-ha!! :-)

Since I've been back in Southampton I've done a bit of crewing on a yacht for someone here who is the brother of a friend of mine from Liverpool. So, I have got quite into sailing the last couple of years... the international competition side too. But I don't really know that much. I'm "winch man" and just do what my captain says!! When I was asked during the application process what my 2 preferred work locations for the Games would be, however, I indeed said London + Weymouth. Will have to seriously gen up now!!


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