"So you're here to save the world... Jeez, what a mind job!!"

I'm giving a workshop on film + spirituality next Saturday at a weekend charismatic event. The workshop will be quite wide-ranging. One aspect will be looking at "saviour" figures. Just out of interest, who are your favourite "saviour" figures on film (apart from actual Jesus movies)? e.g. Neo in "The Matrix" - "So you're here to save the world... Jeez, what a mind job!" (Cypher to Neo).

Interestingly, when you look up this topic on the internet most of the references point to male saviour figures, and to be honest, when I think about it myself I spontaneously do likewise, but there are female saviour figures in the movies (thanks for the h/t Dan!), perhaps the most obvious being (at opposite ends of the cinematic spectrum) Joan of Arc (especially in Carl Dreyer's classic 1928 film "The Passion Of Joan Of Arc") and Lara Croft (Tomb Raider).

Which would you chose and why (male or female)... ?
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