Carpe diem!!

This is an ad for a Taiwanese bank, but if they made it into a feature film, I'd go and see it!!

I consider myself to be incredibly lucky to call "friend" a number of older people (within my congregation and beyond) who have the same spirit, lust for life and sense of wonder as these guys and they are an inspiration to me.

I've got another long-distance sponsored cycle coming up for Haiti at the end of May and for the first time on such a ride I won't be alone. (Southampton to Assisi, 10 days, 1,130 miles, including the famed Mont Ventoux, south of the Alps, 13 miles of solid climbing at an average of 8% gradient, with our bags on our bikes!!). A 65 year-old cycling sparring partner and friend with whom I rode on and off for 15 years around North Wales and Cheshire (when I lived in Liverpool), Pete Smith (retired teacher from London, known to all as "Cockney Pete" in the Birkenhead North End C.C.), has decided to ride with me. He is someone who gets out between 3 and 5 times a week to do rides of between 50 and 100 miles, and not just any old ride. I'm talking about North Wales hills and mountains. So he'll be perfectly able to cope with the 10 days riding I'll be throwing at him. If I'm anything like the rider he is when I'm his age...

Here's me and Pete in North Wales 3 years ago during a club weekend in N. Wales.

And Pete in full flow on the same weekend.

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