Lamennais Media Team - 2011

I am at the moment in our Paris community for meetings with our "Lamennais Media Team" (Commission for information + communication), responsible for co-ordinating communication and information in the Mennaisian Family throughout the world, 18 months after our first series of meetings in Rome.

We are discussing a variety of different issues and ideas relating to, for example, the congregation's new website, the 150th anniversary celebrations of Jean-Marie De La Mennais' death, Lamennais Magazine, collaboration and sharing of ideas + resources between our different Provinces, new initiatives, etc...

If you have any thoughts or ideas yourselves about any of these things, please let us know by posting a comment to this message.


As part of this year's celebrations to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the death of our Founder, our Canadian Province had an idea which we communicated to all our Provinces, inviting schools to interview pupils in our schools and ask them to say what they like about life in their school. 9 have now been sent to us and are being publicised on the latest issue of Lamennais Magazine. There are now links to the first five of them on the congregation's website (click here).

Three 15 year-old Film Studies pupils of mine in Southampton produced 2 clips, one more serious in nature.....

... and one not so serious :-)

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