"The Demon Headmaster" - our school musical

After many weeks of rehearsals and preparation, tonight sees the first evening performance of this year's school production (a musical): "The Demon Headmaster" (don't worry about the subject matter - the good guys win in the end!!). It's based on a popular children's novel which was turned into an equally popular children's tv series and subsequently into a stage musical production. In total, about 35 pupils are performing on stage (mostly aged 11-14), with over 20 other pupils involved in lighting, sound, stage management, props, etc... and a further group helping with costumes and make-up.

I'm one of a 3-member staff team running things, my job being Musical Director + sound co-ordinator (backing tracks, 2 live keyboards, soundtrack music, sound effects...) and occasionally waving my hands around from a desk in front of the stage (see photo of me in silhouette below).

As you can imagine, much hard work has been put into it and it has been great to see it all come together over these past few weeks. Yesterday afternoon, we gave the first public performance to primary school children. As well as tonight's show, there are 2 other evening performances on Friday + Saturday.

Here are a few souvenir photos taken by one of the parents after yesterday's performance.


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