Friendship + God's grace

Friendships have been a source of tremendous consolation in my life and have also been channels for God's grace. It never ceases to amaze me how just when you need it most a friend can be there for you with a kindly gesture, word, message... I try to offer that same presence to those same friends and make sure I am with them in their time of need.

Ultimately, such relationships are what life is about.

And since Christmas, a particular friend has been a true channel of grace, acting in such a way towards me that I have felt God's love most deeply through that person: as if they were my guardian angel sent by God to look after me.

I pray that all of you who might read this might have hearts open to receive (and/or continue receiving) the gift of such a person into your lives, and that you may allow yourselves to be "sent" by God to those friends of yours who, in turn, are in need of a guardian angel right now.


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