Advent and associated events

This is the busiest time of year for Music teachers and probably for teachers in general. In my case as Head of Music it means organising and leading an Advent Festival concert which took place on Dec. 7th (a mixture of religious + secular music + readings performed by an assortment of Choir, Orchestra, rock bands, soloists, etc...) and our official Carol Service (Choir, Orch. + vocal soloists) next Monday.

When you factor in all the rehearsal time for these events, the end of term exams that require marking and then the individual pupil reports, that makes for a very busy + hectic few weeks

Add to that a bout of heavy 'flu that left me in bed for 3 days last week and a cold that has taken 2 weeks to shake off, you can understand how I now feel rather zombified. I'm hoping and praying that Christmas, the trip to Brittany for our annual post-Christmas study session and the few extra days break I will have in France will help me recharge what are very run down batteries.

Really looking forward to getting on my bike and going for my first club cycle in 3 weeks.

Ouf!! (as they say in French)

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