The Brothers Of Funk Instruction

Today I taught the other members of my staff/pupil band, "The Brothers Of Funk Instruction", some top tunes for our next "gig"/school concert: All These Things That I've Done (The Killers), About You Now (Sugerbabes... yes, the Sugarbabes!! Sounds great in a rock format), Sit Down (James), Deeper (Delirious), Run (Snow Patrol) and a personal fave, All Kinds Of Time (Fountains Of Wayne). They picked them all up really quick which is terrific, considering that other than myself, the band members' ages range from 12 to 15.

The band is a floating collective of about 8 musicians, swapping in and out members for different songs, eg. drums... those not playing the main parts chip in on tambourine, backing vocals, etc...

We learned the songs in an open rehearsal during tonight's Open Evening in the school. Prospective pupils and their parents could wander in and out on their way around the school. Two other pupils also came and performed (both female singer-songwriters, one only 11 years old but already a most accomplished performer - both are, actually).

Three already have their own band and have started gigging in the local area. For last year's school concerts they got me to sit in with them on their wonderfully inventive cover version of One Day Like This (Elbow) that even had a ukelele part. Our performance of Chasing Cars (Snow Patrol) apparently had one parent in tears .

P.S. Our Sugarbabes rendition sounded frighteningly good!! :-)
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