Family Vacation Southern Style - my sister Mo in Louisiana

This is from one of my sister Mo's blogs (she has about 5 on the go now!) about the Villarrubia clan (her in-laws) summer hols out in Louisiana (Mo has lived in New Orleans for over 30 years). A real tradition for them and shows how close they all are. This bonding has been a really important help for Mo and her family since the suicide of her eldest son at the age of 23 three years ago.

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Four cabins on a lake, the whole family together for a week, eating, swimming, boating, talking, campfires, and just sitting in the water. Heaven! And we've already started planning for next year, our 20th anniversary.  When we started Grandpa and Honey booked one cabin for all four of their sons and families to share. It was crazy fun. We soon spread to two cabins so we could put the really bad snorers together. The kids just grouped on the floors.

And then as the grandchildren moved into their teens they began inviting friends, so one year we added a camper.  Five years ago we moved to four cabins and now the great-grandchildren may necessitate adding a fifth.
Even when one of us can't make the whole week, we do our best to come for a few days. We schedule our vacation days a year ahead, right after we book the cabins. When Grandpa died we thought about calling it quits, when a grandchild died we thought maybe it wasn't possible to continue. But these tragedies made it even more vital that we continue.

For one week a year at least, we weather our storms together. And now the grandchildren are committed to carrying it on for their children. We all have a special bond, and as we say, Don't mess with the glue!

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