An excellent news bulletin about Invocation 2010...

... can be found here and by then clicking on the link at the top of the left-hand column "Invocation 2010". Here is a snippet:

“It’s been a phenomenal success,” said Oscott Seminary Vocations Director Father Paul Moss.  “All we hoped for was that this would provide young people with the opportunity to come and discern their vocation, to make new friends, and to have fun in fact, and I think on all three counts it’s been a great success.”
“I was told that one young girl actually misread the advertisement for this Weekend.  She thought it was going to be just a general Retreat for young people, and she came and realised it was something quite different, and she said it’s changed her life. She hasn’t discovered a vocation to religious life, but what it has done is deepen her Faith and opened up a whole new way of seeing Living the Christian Life.  So again, it’s been a great thing and people’s lives have been changed because of this weekend.”
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