Daily re-conversion... let yourself "be formed every day" of your lives

Following on from what I wrote in the previous article about the need for daily re-conversion/consecration, about the sense of wonder and openness to new experiences, I found this quote in a document sent to those Brothers (including myself) who are preparing to take part in a 5-week renewal course in our Mother House in Brittany, starting on July 15th. It's a quote from Vita Consecrata and couldn't be more appropriate:

“... the formation process is not limited to the initial phase. Due to human limitations, the consecrated person can never claim to have completely brought to life the "new creature" who, in every circumstance of life, reflects the very mind of Christ. Initial formation, then, should be closely connected with continuing formation, thereby creating a readiness on everyone's part to let themselves be formed every day of their lives. (VC 69ª)

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