Ich bin ein Berliner!!

 Today at the Brandenburg Gate.
Well, I have made it to Berlin. 859 miles, 1 broken spoke, no punctures, a few rattles and chipped chainring teeth, lots of sunburn, countless cereal bars, energy drinks, bananas, bottles drinking yoghurt and 8 days later. Longest day = 137 miles, shortest = 80 (the day of the Dover-Boulogne channel crossing). I`m staying in a Franciscan community in the former Communist-controlled East Berlin, having stayed with Benedictines, Salesians, Brothers of the Immaculate Conception, a parish priest, a diocesan conference centre and lay friends on the way here. See the attached photo for a proud cyclist arriving at the Brandenburg Gate this afternoon.

Don`t forget, all of this will be in vain if I don´t get that sponsorship coming in for our schools in Haiti, most of whom are currently having to function with tents for classrooms!!

Ich bin ein Berliner!!
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