Jean-Marie De La Mennais - 150th anniversary dvd - England

Here's a little presentation I was asked to put together for a De La Mennais Brothers dvd to commemorate the 150th anniversary of our Founder, Jean-Marie De La Mennais's death. The theme of the whole dvd is "Sow abundantly", the idea relating to the actions of the sower in the Parable of the Sower, who, in throwing his seed in all directions, gives as much chance as possible for the seed to take root.

This parallels the actions of the Christian educator in that we are called to sow God's love in the hearts of young people, and to help them to grow in every aspect of their nature, offering a variety of activties and experiences to this end. The young people will respond differently to such experiences, but hopefully all will, in some way, be touched by the love of God that we desire to share with them.

The bulk of the clip is made up of photos from the life of our schools and communities here in England (Liverpool + Southampton), highlighting some of the activities through which we seek to do this.

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