Senegal 2010 - the Team Win Song!

During the last few days of our trip, some of the Team got together to start writing "Team Win Song" by Team Win, which was then finished off once we got back by Rolo. I'll keep you posted as to the release date of the single on iTunes (only joking!) Here's the final version of the lyrics:

We left our homes today,
We travelled far away.
To Madrid we took a plane,
7 hour wait what a pain.

Went to the Bernabeau,
Concrete what's that about.
Exit was drawing near,
Dakar were almost here.

Team Win are everywhere,
Senegal and anywhere,
We will always be as one.
Even when the trip is done,
Through all our smiles and grins,
Team Win always wins.

Got on the airplane,
No film, what a pain.
Finally landed now,
Fought our way through the crowd.

Drogba machete boy,
Sword was real, not a toy.
Afraid we'd lose a limb,
So we ran away from him.


Sophie late but not alone,
In all our hearts since she left home.
Scorching desert in our van,
Richard-Toll our final plan.

Through the desert to the house,
Bro. Jean-Yves may as well be Scouse.
50 degrees and bloody hot,
Warm water's all we got.


Challenged by the local team,
Friendly game that turned mean.
Chippy's scorcher 2-1 up,
Closed it out and won the cup.

Spent a week in the school,
All the kids were really cool.
End of the week arrived,
Thankful that we all survived.


Tired, run off our feet,
Chips for dinner what a treat.
Kids gather outside the door,
Shouting "ballon" more and more.

2010 in the sun,
Whatever's next bring it on.
Huge success once again,
"Team Win......Always Wins!"

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