Senegal 2010 - Day 10 (Fri.)

Well, it's now Weds. 14th and at midday today we arrived safely back at Southampton after an epic 2-week adventure. But the blog articles will continue until I have given an account of each day of the trip.

So, Fri. was the last day of our activities with the children at École Gabriel Deshayes, Richard-Toll. By now we had developed close relationships with the children and they seemed to be very relaxed in our company, as I think you can see in the photos.

They had also come to love our songs and dances, especially "YMCA", "Papa Mola" and "I Am The Music Man".

Our friend here was the one who invited us to play the match against the neighborhood team and he acted as their coach, their normal coach being away at Dakar, the capital.

Sophie + helpers had got the youngsters to produce origami animals in the morning.

Saying farewell to the children.

Myself + Frère Jean-Yves, with Mason + Paddy mugging in the background. Jean-Yves gave so much of his time during our stay to helping everything to run so smoothly, e.g. providing multiple shuttle journeys to our lunchtime restaurants, minimising exposure to the heat at the hottest part of the day, etc... His friendship + support to me personally was a great grace for me, helping me to cope with the stress that comes with the responsibility of organising such a (ad)venture.

Team Win Saints with their 11th member, "Pepe" (front, middle).

Our final end of day debrief at Richard-Toll. Rolo (left) took the most hilarious minutes I have ever seen. He let us read them afterwards. Pure comedy gold. We were in hysterics. The lad is a genius! I will transcribe them and put them on here soon.
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