Africa Educational Project - Senegal 2010: training weekend

A couple of weeks ago myself and Bro. Francis took most of our Senegal group to a training weekend at our Mother House in Ploërmel, Brittany. Two of our former Liverpool pupils who will be going to Senegal at Easter were able to make it. French groups of Brothers' pupils from around Brittany who themselves will be going to W. Africa at some point this year also participated in the weekend. It was wonderful to see them get on so well with our 5 Yr. 11 pupils from Southampton. This bodes well for the main trip.

As usual on such training weekends, there was a joint focus to proceedings:
a) getting our French + English teens to try out on each other practical ideas and advice for running activities with young African children
b) learning some basic educational theory, group dynamics, child psychology, etc... but not trying to turn our teens into teachers in 48 hours.

However, these weekends also serve (at least potentially) as great bonding experiences for each of the groups. We also take our English group to visit a few places of interest in the history of the Brothers, as well as giving them free time to explore places themselves (e.g. in St-Malo).

Here are some clips from the activities during the main part of the weekend:

More photos can be found by clicking here.
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