Remembrance Day - "Black Swan Song"

Yesterday I had a surprise e-mail from, David Pott, the father of Joel Pott (lead singer of Athlete). He had found my blog entry about his son's song "Black Swan Song" written as a tribute to Joel's grandfather who died 3 years ago (see a few posts back - Oct. 26th), a veteran of the ill-fated Battle of Arnhem, immortalised in the blockbuster film "A Bridge Too Far".

Joel's father thanked me for my article and offered suggestions as to how the song's video (see here) and a documentary produced to coincide with its release (see below) might be used in school R.E. lessons together with some other resources.
Today, we had a full school Mass for the Dead (joint All Saints + Remembrance Day Mass). During the priest's homily I suddenly had an idea... instead of singing the song I had planned to sing during Communion (modern Christian worship as usual) why don't I sing "Black Swan Song"? Problem: I didn't have the words with me... Isn't wireless technology wonderful? I discretely slipped open my MacBook Pro and did a quick Google search. There were my words. I trusted myself to busk the chords... God is good. The song seemed so right for that moment. The lyrics can be interpreted in different ways if you don't know the background to the song... "I am ready to rest in your arms", for example. I wouldn't have done that without yesterday's e-mail from David Pott.

I then used the 11 mins. shorter version of the documentary, the song video and some other resources during R.E. lessons today and will be using them again tomorrow. The pupils seemed genuinely interested.

Athlete sang "Black Swan Song" at Trafalgar Square this morning as part of a Remembrance Day event.

Hopefully many hearts were touched today by this lovely song and it's message. The single, whose proceeds go to the British Legion Poppy Appeal, was released to days ago. Let's make it a hit.

Here are the lyrics:

Black Swan Song - Athlete

I waded through the darkest fields you'd imagine
Your pretty face sketched on the barrel of my gun
And I know you'l be the first to welcome me
When I climb into eternity
Oh, oh

The forest kept us warm
Bur it doesn’t feel like home anymore
And I know there's bigger mountains where you are
And a better climate for my heart
Oh, oh

I've been racing the clock
And I've run out of steam
I am ready for my final symphony
Oh my body is weak
But my soul is still strong
I am ready to rest in your arms

Though many battles I have won
I lost to many friends I could count on
And I know they'll be the first to welcome me
When I parachute into eternity
Oh, oh


And the rain beat down on the rooftops
But there was no sound,
There was no sound
And all my friends and familly carried me
They carried me home
Carried me home


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