3 Go Mad At Fordingbridge - the report!

We (Bros. Francis, Gus + myself) ended up having a most pleasurable afternoon, beginning with a drive into the New Forest, dodging the wild (but sedate) Forest ponies as we crossed the heathland. This was, after all, their territory, and they let us know it, wandering ever so slowly out into the middle of the road as you approached. It made sense of why there is a 40 mph speed limit on the Forest roads, and also why there are so many signs warning of the dangers of colliding with the animals (there are also cattle, deer and pigs to be seen a-wandering).

Bro. Gus with some new friends.

We stopped on the edge of the heathland to have a pub lunch in the Fighting Cocks pub, just outside Fordingbridge. On the menu was a wide selection of local and international cuisine, most of which used locally grown produce. Between the 3 of us we consumed partridge, duck and pheasant, all rather gorgeous. It's certainly somewhere I would go back to and it was good to share some time together as Brothers after what has been a very intense start to the school year.


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